How to Quit Smoking without Rehabilitation

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As soon as you decide to quit smoking, you have already won half of the battle. To take a leap, you need to know where to begin with to actually get rid of this menace. For your ease and improvement, we have put together some really helpful tips in order for you to quit smoking without any medication, therapy or rehabilitation which have proven over time to be very effective.

Prepare for quit day

First and foremost challenge you need to face is to choose a quit day. That day can be any day of your own choosing. It shouldn’t be too far in the future that you lose interest overtime and may not be too overwhelming soon that you derail from this path.

From here onwards, you may think about either continuing to smoke right up to the quit date and then quit completely at once or you may choose to lower the intake gradually and ultimately quit leading to the quit date. Whatever method suits you best you may choose it.

Please make sure about the following before the quit day.

  • Tell friends, family, and co-workers about your quit date.
  • Throw away all cigarettes and ashtrays.
  • If you plan to attend a stop-smoking group, sign up now.
  • Stock up on oral substitutes, such as hard candy, sugarless gum, carrot sticks, coffee stirrers, straws, and toothpicks.
  • Set up a support system, such as a family member that has successfully quit and is happy to help you.
  • Ask friends and family who smoke to not smoke around you.
  • If you have tried to quit before, think about what worked and what did not.

On your quit day:

  • Do not smoke at all.
  • Stay busy.
  • Begin use of your NRT if you have chosen to use one.
  • Attend a stop-smoking group or follow a self-help plan.
  • Drink more water and juice.
  • Drink less or no alcohol.
  • Avoid individuals who are smoking.
  • Avoid situations wherein you have a strong urge to smoke.


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