How to Survive a Kangaroo Attack

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How to survive a kangaroo attack. Kangaroos have a dangerous side. They can be very aggressive if they’re searching for food or think you pose a threat to them or their families. But can a kangaroo kill you? What makes them such dangerous boxers and how fast can they come after you? Between 1999 and 2002 kangaroos attacked at least 15 people and those are just the attacks that got reported. Since then there have been other attacks in different regions of Australia. So if you find yourself face to face with a kangaroo and you want to survive, follow these steps.

Step One

Protect your Body if a kangaroo approaches you, turn your body sideways, raise your hands and turn your head away from the animal. Its punches are packed with very sharp claws that can rip apart your flesh. You’ll want to keep a narrow profile to protect your body and vital organs from the rouge’s powerful kicks. The kangaroo’s family name is Meropodite

Macropodite means big feet and their big feet combined with their powerful hind legs are so strong they can break your bones. In 2018 a kangaroo attacked a family in Queensland, Australia. They were feeding the kangaroo when it became aggressive and attacked. They tried to fend it off using a broom and shovel but it didn’t work. Linda Smith, a kangaroo caretaker, suffered a collapsed lung, broken ribs, abrasions to her arms and legs and other internal injuries that required surgery. Her husband sustained multiple lacerations and her son got minor injuries. The kangaroo quickly escaped after the attack.

Step Two

No Dogs sorry, dog lovers, but don’t bring your pet into kangaroo territories. Kangaroos do not share your love of dogs and have attacked dogs and their owners. The heaviest kangaroos are male red kangaroos which weigh up to 90. Some kangaroos, depending on their species, can grow up to two 8 meters tall so an attack probably wouldn’t end well for your dog and you could get caught in the crossfire.

Step Three

Distance Yourself practice social distancing with kangaroos and use whatever you can from your surroundings to act as a blockade. Slowly retreat, but do not turn your back and run. A kangaroo can quickly chase you down, kicking as it hugs. The red kangaroo is the fastest jumper, bouncing along at up to 56 km h. If a kangaroo aims to fight you, you’ll be able to tell it’ll begin to show dominance by pulling out grass, rubbing its chest on the ground and tensing its muscles and if that happens

Step Four

Submit Act Submissive don’t look it in the eye, stay low and back yourself away. Do your best rue imitation. A thick, forceful grunt will do the trick since it’s that type of behavior male kangaroos use to assert themselves in the wild.

If you get attacked curl up in a ball and wait for help. Kangaroos are vegetarians so they’re not interested in eating you. They’re only going to attack you if you bother them or have some food they want. If you give up and show defeat, they might back off but as more people try to get cute pictures while feeding kangaroos, the number of attacks have increased. Although the last recorded death was in 1936, many people have ended up with deep gashes after these encounters so the best way to avoid any danger from a fierce kangaroo attack is to steer clear of these unusual marsupials in the first place. They are so exotic and cute but from what we just learned, cuteness doesn’t mean an animal will be gentle like these little cuties for instance.

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