Importance of Trees – Why are trees being cut down

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Trees are an asset for all living things. A tree is a home to many creatures including birds who fly high to squirrels who climb. blue morning sky and peaceful sunrise is a sign for the bird to fly and explore the world as well as fetch itself some food. As soon as the morning approaches, birds get ready to glide through the air and reach the heights of the sky. The carefree birds cut their way through the wind. Trees are homes to all kinds of birds. Whether it be an eagle or a sparrow. The existence of living things is mainly dependent on the oxygen produced by the plants and the trees.

In today’s world, as the population has grown massively. A lot of trees have been cut down to make buildings and places to live. The climate has been severely affected by the cutting down of trees. Trees not only give us oxygen, they protect us from pollution as well and provide us with a healthy environment. As well as trees are a natural habitat for innumerable species of animals and insects.

Gradually as the humans in today’s world are cutting down trees, these animals and insects are being deprived of their natural home. It is not only cruel but unfair to other living creatures. As humans it is our duty to be more careful and mindful before interfering with nature. The difference between the modern time and the old time is that during the old times, environment was clean, there was less global warming and less pollution. That is why the people in the old times were more healthy.

Also, humans not only cut down trees for special purposes but for making furniture, paper e.t.c. as weĺl. Wooden furniture is quite famous in today’s world. The furniture industry has grown a lot in the past few decades. As the demand has risen for furniture. Trees are brutally cut for making furniture pieces whether it be tables, beds or couches etc.

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